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With Intermundia you have the perfect partner by your side to effectively design your digital presence. As an experienced internet agency based in Berlin, we provide comprehensive support, ranging from strategic consulting to the seamless technical operation of your online projects. Our approach is holistic, and we offer interdisciplinary teams dedicated to developing internet portals, online stores, websites, and social media applications. From initial technical conception to programming and implementation, we ensure a smooth process throughout. Additionally, we offer assistance with content creation, management, hosting, and maintenance of your platform. At Intermundia, you can expect not only top-notch services but also fair pricing. Place your trust in our extensive years of experience and unwavering commitment to your digital success.

Our products

Individual products have been developed through project work and in response to our own needs. These products can be customized and expanded upon to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

CMS Development - turbo / YiiCMS

Fast and efficient content management system with frontend editing: direct editing of content in the website

Product configurator with customized order processing

Online product configurator with customized order processing

Social Extranet

With our social extranet, members can create virtual rooms

Online trainings and online certifications in the LMS

Online portal for employee training and development with certificate

Visitor terminal

Our terminals offer a comprehensive solution for the efficient management of visitors, contractors and delivery traffic. Diverse terminal variants enable user-friendly and digital visitor registration. By using our technology, you can optimize the entire visitor registration process and ensure that all relevant information is captured.

Online survey - GDPR compliant

Customizable online survey tool with standard question types and complex custom question types

Design and layout of modern logos

We offer support in logo development for products, start-ups and companies. Here you will find a selection of the first scrabbled logos, on the basis of which the further fine-tuning will then be coordinated.

Website Entwicklung

Wir lieben die Programmierung und Entwicklung von modernen Websites für die unterschiedlichsten Zielgruppen: Unternehmen, Klein- Mittelständler, Projekte und Produktwebsites. 

Our technologies at a glance

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Our skilled team specializes in working with a wide range of CMS platforms. We provide in-depth guidance to help you select the ideal CMS for your project and create tailored solutions that align with your unique requirements. Furthermore, we diligently handle any changes, expansions, and updates to ensure your website remains up-to-date and fully functional at all times.

Drupal Acquia SiteBuilder

Drupal is an exceptionally robust, versatile, and scalable content management system (CMS), perfectly suited for intricate web ventures. It boasts an extensive array of modules and extensions that empower you to tailor your website precisely to your unique requirements. With Drupal, we can craft tailor-made solutions and engineer a flawlessly immersive user experience.


WordPress, renowned as one of the leading content management systems globally, excels in both user-friendliness and adaptability. Its widespread popularity stems from its remarkable ease of use and unparalleled flexibility. Particularly well-suited for small to medium-sized websites and blogs, WordPress empowers you to effortlessly create and manage your online presence.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) stands as an exemplary digital experience management solution, setting the standard in its field. It empowers users with an array of powerful features for content creation, management, and delivery across diverse channels. AEM allows you to craft personalized content that seamlessly aligns with the unique behaviors and preferences of your target audience. Our team possesses an unparalleled mastery of AEM development, enabling us to transform your visionary ideas into vibrant realities.

eZ Publish

eZ Publish is a powerful content management system, tailored to craft and administer intricate websites and digital content with remarkable efficacy. Powered by its adaptable architecture and user-friendly interface, eZ Publish offers seamless customization and expansion of websites. Boasting an array of comprehensive features and integration possibilities, eZ Publish emerges as the optimal selection for businesses seeking a resilient and scalable solution to fortify their online presence.


ProcessWire represents a versatile content management system (CMS) for agile web development. Due to its extraordinary flexibility, ProcessWire proves to be an optimal solution, especially in time-sensitive projects.

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Our way of working

Modern technologies

At our company, we boast a highly skilled and committed team comprising project management specialists, consultants, usability experts, and professional developers. With their expertise, we are fully equipped to execute your unique projects flawlessly. We pride ourselves on utilizing cutting-edge open source technologies and seamlessly integrating the most up-to-date software components into our work. Our guiding philosophy revolves around delivering the best-in-class technology solutions to our valued customers, ensuring unparalleled excellence for every project we undertake.

Lean and efficient organizational structure - fair prices

We prioritize maximizing customer benefit by swiftly and flexibly bringing customer projects to fruition. We achieve this through direct communication and a streamlined organizational structure. Right from the initial meeting, you will be guided by our dedicated core team. This team meticulously analyzes your requirements, devises a tailored concept, assembles the most suitable project team, and diligently manages the entire process. In essence, you will have a knowledgeable and well-informed point of contact throughout every phase of the project. This approach not only saves you valuable time but also ensures cost-efficiency, providing fair prices that align with your needs.

Personal support

Our project managers take care of your projects personally and on a long-term basis, we are always available by e-mail or phone and provide very fast professional support - even on weekends if necessary.

Client references

As a technical service provider, we successfully support companies in Germany and Europe. We can proudly say that our customers have been placing their trust in us for many years. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of the digital world. From web development to online marketing, we have created numerous success stories. For us, success is no coincidence, but the result of our planned approach.


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